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How we see the Future

With the use of AI, human interactions with technology will be natural, unobtrusive and frictionless. Products will be tailored to each person, interconnected, fully contextually aware and truly smart.

We are envisioning and shaping a future where technology enhances people’s capabilities, instead of replacing them.


Our vision is to enable people to do better.

Our mission is to enhance our natural abilities and understanding of the environment through the evolution of the human relationship & interaction with technology.

Bragi The Dash Pro 2015

Our path to Hearables

Bragi became widely known after running Europe's most successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014. We created the world's first true wireless smart headphone "The Dash" and pioneered the transformation of audio consumer electronics. This multi award-winning product enabled us to bring our idea of embedded AI to life.

Bragi OS – smarter
with every update

Our team of Data Scientists, UX Designers and Software Engineers evolved BragiOS to be the most powerful and efficient OS in the hearable market to date. In 6 major updates we rolled out multiple service integrations like Amazon Alexa and improved our embedded AI to automatically detect activities and context.

Bragi SW Suite – bringing your audio products to life

We strive to make interaction with technology frictionless using the power of AI.

Today we want to provide this power to you by giving you access to the Bragi Software Suite and our ecosystem of leading Technology and Solutions partners. Bring your audio products to life. Enable people to do better.

We created The Dash & Bragi OS to provide novel ways of interaction. We demonstrated what smart headphones are capable of and gave life to the hearable market segment.

The Dash – transforming an industry

Bragi OS timeline updates
CES innovation awards 2015
if Design award winner 2017
if gold award winner 2017
Wareable Tech Awards 2017 winner black
Bragi SW Suite - Bringing your audio products to life
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We love what we do, and we’d love to meet you.

From engineering to design, we have world-class talent ready to tackle any challenge to enable people to do better.

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